[eepro100] Intel 82562ET EEPRO/100 freezing problems

Lucian Daniel Kafka luci@office.conexim.com.au
Tue Jan 22 09:38:01 2002

At 03:32 PM 1/22/02 +0100, Danilo Godec wrote:
>On Tue, 22 Jan 2002, Danilo Godec wrote:
> > You can find the eepro100-diag utility on the
> > ftp://ftp.scyld.com/pub/diag/ along with some other utilites. When you
> > compile and run this utility, it tells you if your chip has the 'Standby
> > enable' bit on and also suggests the appropriate command line to disable
> > it.
> >
> > Right now, I'm going to plug one of my on-board LAN ports to the 10Mbps
> > hub to see if this helps.
>I've just tested the trick with eepro100-diag and it helped a bit - the
>machine did not hang - yet. But it did come to the infamous 'eepro100:
>wiat_for_cmd_done timeout!' message and network failing.
>    D.

I have done it as well, and I have not seen the freezing or the message 
_YET_ - but how can I make sure?
I'm using the 10Mb lan just for testing - I just hope this problem doesn't 
occur on a 100Mb lan...