[eepro100] anybody alive here ? Need experience with FEC

Schlomo Schapiro schapiro@mobileye.com
Sun Jan 6 10:23:01 2002


maybe there just wasn't any traffic over the holdays ...

I am using a HP ProCurve 4000 switch. It specifically supports FEC. I made
some more experiments with assigning each server additional IPs to see
wether it would make a difference. The answer is no, it dosn't. It seems
that the switch distributes the packets according to the MAC address over
the trunk so that ALL packets from the same MAC will go over the SAME NIC
:-(. Actually the HP manual mentiones something similar in their
description of FEC.

I basically wanted to improve the bandwith between 2 servers (storage &
backup), but that doesn't seem to work. The idea was to not have buy
expensive & fast network cards (Gigabit).

Does anybody know wether trunking works if you connect to computers
directly with each other (2 NICs - 2 NICs) with FEC ? Will it give the
cumulative bandwith for a single connection ?

So long, still looking for other people with similar setups and worries
(and preferrably their solutions).


PS: Mr. Becker, I gather that you are the author of the original eepro100
driver. Do you also have a hand with the Intel drivers ?

 On Thu, 3 Jan 2002, Donald Becker wrote:

> On Thu, 3 Jan 2002, Schlomo Schapiro wrote:
> > I am subscribed already a week and didn't yet get any messages from the
> > list.
> Verify that your machine is not rejecting the mail.  You should get this
> response both personally and from the list.
> > I am experimenting with FEC and found out that while it seems to work
> > between server (3x100) and 3 clients as expected, it doesn't work between
> > 2 servers (Each 3x100).
> What type of switch are you using?
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