[eepro100] eepro100, weird log lines and lockup

Mikael Svenson mikaels@powertech.no
Thu Dec 5 03:55:01 2002

Just wanted to give you all an update on my problems.

The problem seems very much to be with the IRQ and PCI bus, and not the
eepro100 itself. I've switched to a 3Com 905b and the problem is still
there. The errors I got from the eepro was just a side effect it seems.
Now I get IRQ lost errors on the drives instead.

I've also changed which pci slots I use so all devices have their own
IRQ. The last thing I tried was to set the pci latency for the disk
controllers and the network card relativliy high so they get longer
bursts, and that kept the machine up much longer at least.

Guess having 11 disks and 3 disk controllers in total in one machine
isn't that smart :(

I appreciate the help I got so far and I'll continue hunting down the
ideal pci settings.

Mikael Svenson