[eepro100] 82557 driver can drive 82559..?

atul srivastava atul srivastava" <atulsrivastava9@rediffmail.com
Wed Aug 28 08:34:00 2002


I am new to this list ,yet not subscribed having a small
quick query ..pls. cc the reply to me..

I am using etherboot and eepro100.c driver which is scaled down 
version of Donald Becker's one ...
this driver is not interrupt driven and polling is used
for packet reception and all.

this driver is written for 82557 but i am using 82559
card .

my question is that can a 82557 driver aplicable to both 82559 and 
82559ER ?

to the extent i know thee are few changed in RxFD and TxFD 
structure definition and char config_cmd [] stuffs
between 82557 and 82559.

has any body upgraded version of eepro100.c ( FOR ETHERBOOT) of 

also my card reports status 0090 before and after Transmit command 
that as per manual indicates no resources , and my txfd.status 
field is never changed hence driver hangs there forever.
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