[eepro100] 82801BD support

Simon Pollard Simon.Pollard@barnet.ac.uk
Tue Aug 20 05:57:01 2002

On 19 Aug 2002 at 11:44, Gene Stuckey wrote:
> On 08/14/02 03:26 AM, Simon Pollard wrote:
> > Sounds very familiar.  Did you see the
> > 
> > http://www.scyld.com/pipermail/eepro100/2002-August/002456.html
> > 
> > thread of mine?
> > 
> > (other than mine being a 103a, but the rest fits)
> Yes I saw that thread (I was hoping by setting my subject the same,
> it would get appended to that thread).

Aha, I thought it might be too much of a coincidence

> Have you had any luck getting it to work?

Well, I've cheated and duplicated the Pro/100 VE (1031) lines in the
pci_id_tbl in eepro100.c, replacing 0x10318086 with 0x103a8086, and
it *appears* to be working ok.  So far.

  Simon Pollard (Simon.Pollard@barnet.ac.uk)
  IT Services, Barnet College

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