AW: [eepro100] [eepro100-bug] i82559er problem

Bernd Stahlbock
Wed Aug 14 03:54:31 2002

Dear Pavan,

This is interessing: you say an external network card with 558/559 works
well. I tried an external card with a 559ER, and it also works. So maybe a
hardware problem on the cpu board? The same Linux Netboot image runs fine
with external 559ER but runs not with internal 559ER.

best regards

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Auftrag von Pavan Sikka
Gesendet: Freitag, 9. August 2002 09:40
Betreff: [eepro100] [eepro100-bug] i82559er problem


We have been using computer boards manufactured by EEPD (
that have worked very well for us over the last few years. Recently,
they changed the on-board network chip from the stock i82559 (PCI dev
id 0x1229) to the 82559ER (PCI dev id 0x1209). With this chip, as soon
as the network traffic increased, the network crashed. We finally
pinpointed the problem to out-going traffic and can now recreate it
using flood pinging.

Interestingly, when we put an external NIC containing the stock
i82558/9 chip, things work quite well.