[eepro100] eth[01]: card reports no resources

Christopher A. Stevens stevensca@navair.navy.mil
Mon Apr 22 15:54:01 2002

On Mon, 22 Apr 2002, Donald Becker wrote:

> On Mon, 22 Apr 2002, Christopher A. Stevens wrote:
> > I've seen some emails on this in the archive, but I'm not sure if an
> > answer has been given.  So here is another data point for you to
> > consider.
> There are various causes with similar messages.  The details of the
> situation matter.
> > A new O.S., from raidzone,  was installed based on the 2.4.x kernel
> > which cured our large file problems.  However, this error is now
> > occuring.  When a big file is being sent to the storage array, from
> > the NFS client, we get periodic NFS not responding errors, and the
> > following shows up in the storage device logs,
> >
> > kernel: eth0: card reports no resources.
> > kernel: eth1: card reports no resources.
> What driver version?  What was the detection message?

The current version of the RAIDZONE O.S. is based on 2.4.16-10 kernel.
The driver version/detection message is (from dmesg)

eepro100.c:v109j-t 9/29/99 Donald ...
eepro100.c $Revision: 1.36 $ 2000/11/17 Modified by Andrey ...

> Has the kernel source been modified, or the VM parameters changed?

I don't think the virtual memory size had changed, since only the O.S. was upgraded and the original disk partitions are the same.  As for any other VM parameters or kernel modifications, I will have to forward this to RAIDZONE technical support and ask. 

Chris Stevens