[eepro100] eth[01]: card reports no resources

Christopher A. Stevens stevensca@navair.navy.mil
Mon Apr 22 13:42:02 2002

I've seen some emails on this in the archive, but I'm not sure if an answer has been given.  So here is another data point for you to consider.

We have a CS10-400 RAID storage cube from www.raidzone.com.  Originally, the O.S. was based on Redhat 6.x, kernel 2.2.x.  We connect to the storage via NFS on Sun workstations and Linux workstations.  This arrangement was working except for some large file issues.

A new O.S., from raidzone,  was installed based on the 2.4.x kernel which cured our large file problems.  However, this error is now occuring.  When a big file is being sent to the storage array, from the NFS client, we get periodic NFS not responding errors, and the following shows up in the storage device logs, 

kernel: eth0: card reports no resources.
kernel: eth1: card reports no resources.

The device has two cards that are channel bonded.  

This did not happen with the 2.2.x kernel series, but is happening with the 2.4.x series.  The cube is a 800 Mhz Pentium III with 256M memory, with Intel Corp 82557 based ethernet cards.

Some swap space is being used.  Is this still being attributed to lack of memory?

Chris Stevens