[eepro100] Intel HPQ and MAC Setting question

Markus Fraedrich mfr@kt.e-technik.uni-dortmund.de
Tue Nov 27 04:31:01 2001

I did some tests with Realtek,3Com and  SUN NICS and it seems that setting a
higher IFG (more than a slottime)
could give one client a deterministic bus request.
For QoS Streams I set the higher IFS with an IOCTL Command.
This QoS is for a small home network with about max. 5PC and a connection
with a normal hub, the Qos
is for realizing a DVB stream over  Ethernet.
Know i want to implement a high priotization queue for video stream.Therefor
I try to understand the building
and controlling of the buffers.

Markus Fraedrich

>Note that changing the IFS is not a good solution to QoS.  You will
>change the fairness of the contention-based network, but the change is
>very difficult to predict.  If you have a switch-based network and want
>to experiment with QoS you should really be looking at real-time packet
>scheduling and rate limiting.

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