[eepro100] Mysterious 82559ER problems

Juergen Beisert jbeisert@eurodsn.de
Fri Nov 23 05:46:00 2001


I have developed a card with a i82559ER chip on it. I am using the regular eepro100.c driver of the 2.2.19 Linux kernel. Driver and chip comes up, I can ping my card and I can boot NFS as a root device in my test system.
But I can't do anything else.
I have started a http and a database server on my test system but I can't connect from a second machine to this servers. nmap tells me that every "port is filtered". Another card with the i82558 added to my test system works. The driver finds both chips, traffic with the i82558 is ok (NFS,Telnet,ping,X,http), but no usable traffic with my i82559ER (except NFS and ping, a customer told me, UDP works, too). I am using the same software configuration in both cases. Without the add-in card, the i82559ER is eth0, with the added card, the i82558 is eth0. With tcpdump and in the case of telnet I see a packet sended to the test system, and an answer from the test system, but nothing more.

For example:

telnet <i82558 ip> 80 -> the httpd respons
telnet <i82558 ip> 79 -> immediately error message

telnet <i82559ER ip> 80 -> no response (time out)
telnet <i82559ER ip> 79 -> ro response (time out)

Could be anything wrong in the EEPROM? I see the drivers examines more bits in the EEPROM as the Intel docs support (in the Intel doc the most bits are zero).

I have chaged the 2.2.19 eepro100 drivers to the ones from the Scyld-web pages. But the same result: i82558 works, i82559ER not.

Has anyone an idea? I have not so much experience in networking with linux. Is there a tool available that can help me more than nmap or tcpdump what happens (or not happens)?

Thanks in advance.

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