[eepro100] eepro100 and Intel STL2

Heflin, Roger A. Roger.A.Heflin@usa.conoco.com
Wed, 2 May 2001 14:55:48 -0500

	I am not using Intel STL2, but another motherboard with dual
built-in ethernets.

	We have been having about 25% of the machines disabling the network
	getting other weird errors on the eepro card, though the machine
	generally ok.  It goes as far as turning off both of the network
status lights
	(and of course also all of the networking electronics),
	and the only way to get them back is to reboot, on the machines that
	happens on it happens very reliably (under load it can be easily
	in 1-2 hours with most machines, a few minutes to seconds with
	die with no load on the machine, and a few will make it 8-10 hours),
on the 
	machines that it does not do it, they 
	don't seem to have any problems (all machines are indentical).   It
also does
	not appear to require any network load, just loading up the local
cpus will 
	cause the network to disable itself.  Also if after this has
happened you try
	to reload the drivers, the drivers get really unhappy about the
network interface
	(says bad checksum, gives funny MAC addresses).

	The current theory the vendor has is bad power supply (though I
don't know if
	I believe it-we will probably know tomorrow as they will be arriving
with enough
	new tested under load power supplies to replace the "bad" ones).

	We also saw something very similar on a different motherboard
version with
	an entirely different case+ps combo, so I am really not sure what
this all
	means, it does not act like a driver problem, and it does not affect
all of the
	identical machines, so it at least is some sort of weird hardware

	Have you checked to see if any of the machines work?