[eepro100] Yet another receive hang-up.

Mike Zeller mike.zeller@crosskeys.com
Tue, 20 Mar 2001 16:41:52 -0500


I am using four etherpro 100s with the eepro100 v1.09j-t driver and Redhat
6.2.  The version of the receive hang-up I see occurs on reboot.

The driver output from the initial load show that the driver detected the
"Receive Hangup Bug".  However, judging (guessing) from the code, this is an
occasional hang-up during normal operation.  As I say, the version I see
occurs on reboot.

The problem occurs intermittently.  About one reboot in four.  I currently
have the machine rebooting over night and looking at its netstats to see if
it has any data. I have a ping coming in to the card so that there is
traffic.  No traffic after about a minute means I have a problem, reboot and
try again.  When I detect the problem on reboot, I do mii-diag eth1.
Looking at the output of this command I can tell that it has negotiated with
the link partner so it is certainly receiving at a hardware/electronic

I also then try to ping out from the affected machine.  This seems to cure
the problem because the card will reset with a "Transmit Timed Out" message.

Looking at the code for the eepro100 driver I notice that the transmit
timeout code does a lot more than what mii-diag -R does.

Has anyone else seen a receive hang-up that only occurs on reboot?

Does anyone have a way to detect this problem without having guaranteed
incoming traffic on the card?

Thanks in advance.

Mike Zeller
Crosskeys Systems, Inc.
610-530-2000 x 3125