[eepro100] 16M memory limit on 82559?

Mike Beede mbeede@cisco.com
Wed, 07 Mar 2001 16:41:41 -0600

We're trying to use an 82559 on a custom PPC platform.  We're
having trouble getting through initialization--when we try to
set up the receive ring the 82559 hangs.  Some information
we were given suggests that the part can only deal with memory
addresses within the first 16M of PCI memory space.  Sure enough,
when we kludge up a one-element ring in that region, we get
past that point....

We have the (secret) Intel documentation, and there is no suggestion
in it that there is such a limitation.  On the other hand, I've
seldom read a more confusing document.  On the third hand, I
can't believe if such a problem existed that we wouldn't have
heard about it from another source.  Seems like it would've
been a problem on the 386 versions of Linux, but maybe
things are set up there so only low memory is used for buffers?


	Mike Beede