[eepro100] EEPro100 on Intel D815AAEEL Motherboard

Vann H. Walke walke@usna.edu
Sat, 24 Feb 2001 21:44:45 -0500

Rich Drewes wrote

>> Supossedly Intel has a driver but I couldn't find it on the web site.  I
>> trust the open source and kernel developers a bit more to make good
>> drivers anyway.
> The e100.o driver you are referring to *is included* in the RH 7.0
> release.  I have been using it successfully for some time on the Intel
> 815EEAL and Intel 810EEAL mainboards.  I believe it's even accessible from
> the RH 7.0 network boot floppy, so network installs are possible (though
> you will have to specify it explicitly, since the install program's
> autodetect logic will select the eepro100 driver and not the e100 driver).

Ok, it may be included, but there was some detection problem with at 
least some motherboards.  The RH7 packaged drivers couldn't find the 
network device.  I saw some messages and patches for such a problem 
dated a few months ago (OCT/NOV?).  Rather than try and patch the 
driver, I justed installed the latest netdriver SRPM, which got it 
working.  Then I got the fail on high load problem.

> BTW, the Intel driver is also open source, but it isn't supported by either
> of the other Linux driver maintainers (the Becker fork or the kernel source
> fork drivers).  It's sort of supported by Intel.

Thanks for the correction.  I don't want to come across as slighting the 
Intel people - I just feel more confident about the integration (and 
long term maintenance) of the other drivers.