[eepro100] Alias interface eth0:1 on eepro100

Alexander.Stoll@fh-albsig.de Alexander.Stoll@fh-albsig.de
Wed, 14 Feb 2001 16:00:10 GMT

> Hi
> I am new to this list, but went through the archives if someone had 
> asked my question before but can't find any answer.
> I am trying to get two logical interfaces working on one physical 
> interface, eth0 and eth0:0 (or eth0:1, as you like it). This seems to work on 
> every 3com card, but I can't get it working on a eepro100 (card shipped 
> with Compaq DL380).
> Command ifconfig produces the following output (ifconfig eth0:1 
> SIOCSIFADDR: No such device
> SIOCSIFFLAGS: No such device
> My module configuration is just
> alias eth0 eepro100 options=0x20 full_duplex=1
> But I think is isn't read, while I had bound eepro100 module within the 
> ramdisk...
> Question: is this impossible with eepro100 chips or is there a special 
> option for it?
IP aliasing is not a specific feature of your NIC...
add aliasing support to your kernel, e.g. load the corresponding module...

regards, AS 

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