[eepro100] e100 vs. eepro100

Antwerpen, Oliver Antwerpen@netsquare.org
Mon, 12 Feb 2001 08:29:55 +0100


> Von: Donald Becker [mailto:becker@scyld.com]
> > > Did the interface resume correct operation at this point?
> > 
> > Yes, in this case it did.
> Are there cases where the driver doesn't recover?
Yes. The server completely hangs about 2 times a week. The only problem
obvious is the NIC. No other messages.
> operation, assuming that something has gone wrong.  Look for 
> v1.14 soon,
> which will
>    reset a transceiver left set to fixed 10baseT (Ref: Alpha 
> SRM boot bug)
>    emit a few more details if the driver resets the chip

Okay, I've loaded the e100 module for the NICs yesterday at 21:45. Today at
4:05 I get errors from the driver (but intel's module doesn't even report
which NIC...).

Feb 12 04:07:31 hunter kernel: e100_wait_exec_cmd: Wait failed. scb cmd=0x70
Feb 12 04:07:35 hunter last message repeated 5 times
Feb 12 04:09:20 hunter last message repeated 8 times
Feb 12 04:09:44 hunter last message repeated 8 times
Feb 12 04:11:06 hunter last message repeated 6 times
Feb 12 04:12:12 hunter last message repeated 15 times
Feb 12 04:12:23 hunter last message repeated 3 times

As this message looks similar, it seems to me as if I really have a hardware
problem. I'll swap that NIC these days and we'll see on.

Thanks so long!