[eepro100] asus cur_dls + onboard nic

Alvin Oga aoga@Mail.Linux-Consulting.com
Mon, 5 Feb 2001 18:02:25 -0800 (PST)

hi donald..

thanx for your reply....

unfortunately... i do NOT have the info  you want.. "the detection
message"  from the bootup sequence ( ?? )

- it all looked nromal for the bootup recognizing the onboard
  nic.... ( only odd thing i noticed was "IRQ=0" )
	eepro100 and version and other info is listed...
	about 10 lines or so of it..

- after booting... it was not properly "configured" ...
	ifconfig -v  does NOT show eth0 as an interface
		== the big issue/question ....
	so route -nv is oviously empty too

- configured many onboard nics...esp D815EEAAL and CA810EAL
	redhat, suse, slackware, etc...

- sometimes... i noticed that even if the ifconfig 
  and routing table is correct... that the nic driver
  does NOT always work... that an older or newer
  nic driver would work ...

	- so tried it with a known good  eepro100.c that i
	patched to work with D815EEAAL and still not working
	with the asus mb ... oh well...

	- since they wanted it working "today"...
	i tried a simple test with the 3c905C and it worked...

- since i dont have the cur_dls motherboard in stock...
  i cant provide any more debugging info...
	and am low on cash for "experimenting"

	- but i suppose we could go to Frys and buy it
	and return it in 21 days or something... ( bad idea )


On Mon, 5 Feb 2001, Donald Becker wrote:

> On Sun, 4 Feb 2001, Alvin Oga wrote:
> > donno if the asus cur_dls supposed to work with the 
> > eepro100 driver.... the driver is recognized during bootup
> > but thats it... no routing and no ifconfig entries
> If the driver recognizes the card, it should work.
> What is the detection message?
> The IP address and route entries are configured by the distribution.
> They don't magically appear.  If you installed your distribution
> incorrectly the interface will not be configured.
> > asus cur_dls is supposedly a serverworks chipset but
> > also does seem to have 82559 compatability ??
> > 	- donno..am clueless
> It likely has an i82559 chip on the motherboard.
> > - due to time constraints...would up using a 3c905C card
> >   in a pci slot to get the server up and running with
> >   rh-7.0 and scsi3 disks w/ the Asus cur_dls motherboard
> That implies that your interface configuration is correct.
> What is the card detection message?
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