DR VICRAMME IBRAHIM vicramme@mail.com
Sun Dec 30 13:23:01 2001

My name is Dr vicramme Ibrahim 

I am the chairman of oil and finance agency, my
telephone number is 234-8023191001 and my fax number
14435870710 as regards to our discussion I am into
consultancy on oil services and marketing I am also
into industrial mining and promotion

Mostly I do investments for former military Generals
late and living in my country, so right now I have one
of the former military Generalís families who was a
minister in former military Government

As you know any where in the world where military are
ruling, there is a corruption, so honestly I am taking
you in confident and I believe I can trust you

Actually this late Generals family has money in London
the amount is up to 624,400,000,00 pounds sterling
(Six hundred and twenty four million, four hundred
thousand, the money is in a bank account in UK L!
through Global Security of UK London, so the late
Generalís family wanted me to look for a true, honest
company that have a good investment Programme so that
we can make a deal with them and arrange a good
investment for the whole total amount of money 

We really want to invest this money in America or in
any profitable investment around the world. so my
friend this is all I have for you , if you are
interested please call me or fax me immediately your
advise, I will be very glad if we can work this deal
together I am going to work out 30% of the whole total
amount from the late generals family and the 30% will
be for me and you

I am waiting eagerly for your call, please note that I
am acting unbehalf of the late family, because they
can not get their hands on that money without our
assistance because the first born is just 9 years old,
a brother and a sister then their mother, actually the
late General was! a minister of transport in this
country and he got this money when he was in office
through corruption, so my friend I believe I have
been very very transparent and honest on this

Dr vicramme Ibrahim