[eepro100] can't negotiate the switch

John Howay JHoway@nas.edu
Wed Dec 19 10:53:01 2001

Hello. I'm running RH 7.1 (seawolf) on an IBM x340 server that has an integrated
PCnet adapter and an EEPRO100 PCI adapter. I've been troubleshooting this
problem for days with absolutely no luck. The server is connected to a Cisco
Catalyst 3500 XL switch set to 100 full-duplex--no autonegotiation (for what
it's worth, just about all other machines on the LAN are NT). I can successfully
network the computer with my laptop via a 10baseT hub, but I cannot get the darn
thing to communicate through that switch--except that arp sometimes detects a
remote machine's hardware address after ping and tcpdump sometimes picks up
broadcast traffic. Ping ALWAYS returns: Destination Host Unreachable (except for
lo and eth0/eth1, of course).

I first left the interface(s) set to autonegotiate, then I forced (on the fly)
100-FD with mii-diag. I tried this with both adapters. I have not successfully
booted to 100-FD. Could this be my problem?
Cheers and thanks,
John Howay
The National Academies