[eepro100] eepro100 ethernet hanged up

Naveen C Joshi naveencj@hotmail.com
Thu, 30 Aug 2001 10:10:34 +0530

Hi all,

I have a problem that I am hoping someone might be able to give me some 
insight on.  Let me start at the beginning....

I have a HardHat linux with kernal 2.2.12-20b and two ethernet interface 
card are eepro OEM i82557/82558 10/100 on board.  Whenever I am working on 
it remotely and gives the reboot command it always hanged up at etho 
enterface at rebooting time.

If i gives the shutdown command and  boot it next time it comes up  without 
any problem.

Is there driver problem or anything else...

If there is driver problem then pl. give the location of the driver or 

Please give me the right solution as soon as possible.



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