[eepro100] Intel PRO/100 S Dual Port Server adapter

Andrew Pollock andrew@andrew.net.au
Mon, 6 Aug 2001 09:59:33 +1000

On 04.08.2001 at 09:57:20, Donald Becker <becker@scyld.com> wrote:


> > The PC is an early Pentium 75, running kernel 2.2.14 with a kernel with
> > Intel EtherExpress PRO support compiled in.
> The device hasn't been powered on.

So I shouldn't have any problems with this card in my vintage of PC?

> This is one of the reasons why I wrote pci-scan.c -- try the updated
> driver.

Pardon my ignorance, but how? A newer kernel? Or patch the one I've got?

Thanks for the quick response.