[eepro100] Card reports no resources/RX buffers

Leonardi Davide Davide.Leonardi@infostrada.it
Mon, 23 Apr 2001 14:53:55 +0200

Hi all.

I am facing with a variant of the "card reports no resources/RX buffers"

We have 14 multihomed servers (HP LPR) configured as follows:

- OS: (minimal) Red Hat Linux 6.2;

- first network card (eth0): 
  HP NetServer 10/100TX  (MAC: 00:03:47: ..), configured with
  a private IP;

- second network card (eth1):
  HP NetServer 10/100TX  (MAC: 00:D0:B7: ..), configured with
  a class B public IP;
  used for remote administration;

- CPUs: n. 2 Pentium III (Katmai), 600MHz

- Memory: 128Mbyte

- SCSI controller: 53c895 with Symbios NVRAM

- hard drives: n. 2 HP disks; Model: 9.10GB A 80-S1A0 Rev: S1A0

- kernel: 2.2.18 monolithic (includes eepro100 driver version v1.09j-t,

Each server belongs to two different VLAN: a private VLAN (through eth0),
and a public VLAN (through eth1)
A Virtual LAN (VLAN) is a logical grouping of network devices put
together as a LAN regardless of their physical grouping or collision
domains. VLANs let a user see and access only specified network
segments.VLANs require special switches that are capable of 
supporting VLANs.
>From our point of view, VLAN and LAN are equivalent.

The problem is this: when i get the couple of messages 

	ethX: card reports no resources
	ethX: card reports no RX buffers

where X is 0 (the private interface), in most cases,
the network card doesn't receive packets but sometimes restarting the 
network service or rebooting the system, the card seems to work fine.
I have seen the above messages both immediately after startup and during
a network operation (f.i., sending ICMP packets with the ping command)

The problem is duplicated on all systems

Any help is appreciated.