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My last reply from hotmail turned out rubbish so here it is again:

To test the performance of the driver (No TCP/IP or other protocol overhead)
I used Linux as a bridge, with as many NIC's as I can put on my 66/64
pci-bus, I then test throughput with my ixia machine.

Ixia is a throughput test machine, there is also Smart-bits which is similar
to Ixia.


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I don't know about ixia. Did you get 400Mps over a 100Mbps link? 
Could you tell where can I get information on ixia?

> I checked eepro100 vs. to Intel's e100, with ixia throughput test. results
> where that after improving eepro100 driver I get 400Mbps with large
> check and 50 Mbps with small packets (64B), to my surprise with e100 I got
> very bad results which are not worth mention. I expected e100 to be better
> at least  with small packets since it reduces the amount of interrupts.
> So did anyone got better results with this card, I tried to reduce the
> number of interrupts in the eepro100 driver as it is done in e100, but so
> far failed to reprogram the eeprom to do so.
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