[eepro100] suspend problem with eepro100, intel 82557

Jan Just Keijser janjust@cisco.com
Mon, 02 Apr 2001 09:50:07 +0200

Alain E. wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm trying to use a Mini PCI intel 82557 adapter on a Dell Inspiron 4000.
> It works correctly using linux 2.2.16, but after suspending the machine,
> the interface hangs. Using rmmod, insmod doesn't help.
> I have updated my drivers using
> ftp://ftp.scyld.com/pub/network/netdriver-2.1.src.rpm, and even tried kernel
> 2.2.18 without success.

grab mii-diag.c from the scyld website and try this:

  rmmod eepro100
  insmod eepro100 # any version
  mii-diag -F 100BaseTx # force a mode
  mii-diag -R # go back to auto-negotiate

(# == comment)
I had a similar problem with a non-laptop EEPro 100+ and could not get the device
back up unless I followed the steps above.