[eepro100] problem with manual speed setting

Kallol Biswas kallol@bugula.fpk.hp.com
Sun, 22 Oct 2000 20:29:35 EDT

  I am having a problem with manual speed setting at 100Mbps.
My configurations is as follows:

     |            |               |-----------|
     | IA-64 box  |---------------| HP- switch|
     |            |               |-----------|

The lancard(82559) on the IA-box is connected to one of the ports on the
HP switch.
The port on the switch is configured as autonegotiation capable.

When the system boots up the card auto negotiates the speed and mode
to 100Mbps/full duplex. At this point if the speed is manually set to
100Mbps full/half duplex, every thing works fine, also speed can be set to
10Mbps full/half duplex. The problem is, once the speed is set to 10mbps
it can't be set back to 100Mbps. Subsequent read from MDI status
register returns link down. However if autonegotiation is enabled,
the card goes back to 100Mbps/full duplex. 

Any idea what the problem might be? It seems that the card does
not change speed from 10Mbps to 100Mbps. 

Thanks in advance,

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