[eepro100] mtu > 1500 packet ?

sysadm@CHS.twbbs.org sysadm@CHS.twbbs.org
Thu, 16 Nov 2000 03:50:46 +0800 (CST)

>> Does anybody know that can eepro100 (intel 8255x) NIC handle packet
>> size > 1500?
>Only by disabling all packet length checking.
>Doing this makes the system vulnerable.  If you get a larger packet than
>you were expecting you might overwrite random parts of memory.
    thank you for your response..but i wonder whether intel 82557
NIC and intel Bussiness 10/100 switch support large frames ? i have
visited the www.intel.com and www.scyld.com, but there are no articles
saying about it.
    btw, i can't find the length checking codes after calling dev_queue_xmit.
Can you show me that?