[eepro100] 2.2.18p18 eepro100 issues (packets per irq, shared irqs)

KJ Pickett pc_pimp@hotmail.com
Wed, 01 Nov 2000 19:35:32 GMT

First of all I would like to say that 2.2.18p18 does not have the 'card 
reports no resources' messages when I saturate the 100mbit network anymore.

But I was wondering about two things:
I have a 815EE board, which has an onboard eepro100 and a pci eepro100.  
They share an irq, no matter if I'm using intels e100.o driver or the stock 
linux one.  For performance reasons, can I make them each have a different 
irq?  Doing it from ifconfig gives me a notsupported error, with either 

Also: VMSTAT output, comparing stock linux driver with intel.  Heres the 
stock linux:

1  0  0      0  31836  67632  13240   0   0     0     0 24015 47215  20  15  
1  0  0      0  31836  67632  13240   0   0     0     1 24016 47016  21  16  

The card is recv'ng 24k packets per second, and seeing that many irqs.  The 
intel driver does 6 per irq, and vmstat from that driver (not posted, but I 
remember what it was) shows 6 times less irq/sec and cs/sec.  Even though, 
it appears the stock linux driver is supposed to do 20 things per irq?  I am 
no kernel hacker...can I get the stock linux driver to do multiple packets 
per irq with some config settings?


Karl Pickett
(Posting from hotmail since I cant use my companies email address)
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