Multicasting problem on shut down

Javier Garces Asensio
Fri May 12 04:07:59 2000

	I've a Compaq with SuSe 6.1 running kernel 2.2.14 and the ethernet
adpater has the i82558B chipset. Sometimes, when the linux box  is halted,
the ethernet adapter starts transmiting multicast packets to the
destination 01:80:C2:00:00:01. This packet affects to a lot of PC's of my
network, all with intel ethernet adapters. These PC's lose all
communications. I can't repeat the problem on a known way but sometimes
it occurs. 

	I've read old messagges of this list and I' ve found the same
situation in others sites. 

	I would like to know if the solution is the modified driver
eepro100.c in ftp.//
and if the problem is the adapter's firmware or the driver to claim a new
ethernet adapter to the vendor if the problem is the firmware of
the adapter.

	If it's possible, I would like to repeat the problem on a known
and easy way to verify if the problem's removed


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