82558 aparantly locking up - how to diagnose?

Eric Jorgensen alhaz@xmission.com
Tue May 9 09:20:51 2000

Andrey Savochkin wrote:
> Hello,

> >       What's the best way to go about this? I haven't yet compiled the
> > eepro100-diag program but I'm not afraid to do it.
> Look in your log files: the kernel may have explained it for you :-)
> Information about the kernel and driver version may also be useful to guess
> what happens.

	Unfortunately the logs don't show any errors. aside from the pause in
traffic noted by the lack of data collected by ipchains logging certian
SYN packets, there's no clue on the system that there was ever a

	I apologize for forgetting to include that information. The system in
question is running kernel 2.2.13. The driver doesn't say what version
it is when it starts, I am using the stock kernel driver for that

	I've compiled intel's driver for testing but i don't have results yet. 

 	Thanks for the response 

 - Eric
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