What settings for a large load?

Kevin Mills kmills@aventail.com
Fri May 5 00:34:22 2000

I'm using the eepro100 with Linux 2.2.14 on a dual PIII 500 server with 512
MB of RAM.  This machine's soul purpose is to run a SOCKS server and needs
the highest throughput and lowest latency possible.  I have a SOCKS client
simulator that simulates 600 very hyperactive users sending and receiving
packets ranging in size from 60 to 1514 bytes.

What I see with the driver's default settings is a *lot* of dropped
Increasing the transmit and receive ring sizes and the transmit and receive
FIFO thresholds helps, but I still see plenty of errors.

For comparison, I ran my client simulator against a Sun Netra t1-105 (single
UltraSparc-IIi 440) with its built-in NICs using the same SOCKS server code
and I received NO errors.

What settings should I use to get the best performance?

Thanks for any help.

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