[eepro100] Re: True on TRANSMIT ERROR TIMEOUT

Daniel Soto Alvarez danisoto@uol.es
Mon, 19 Jun 2000 12:23:01 +0200

Hi Andrew Morton!

>My point is very simple: 
>- Drivers and/or NICs are hanging 
>- The hangs are fixed by down+up or rmmod+insmod 
>Hence, the hangs _could_ be unhung by appropriate action 
>in the tx timeout! 
>This would be a great step forward. A sub-second hiccup and 
>a few dropped packets versus a complete system outage. 

And My suggestion very easy: Insert in the code of the driver
a High Level Restart routine, called from the handled of 
tx-timeout if the *actually* simple restart don't work.

Most simple impossible! (and useful, right?)