[eepro100] Re: [vortex] True on TRANSMIT ERROR TIMEOUT

Daniel Soto Alvarez danisoto@uol.es
Mon, 19 Jun 2000 12:12:47 +0200

Hi Philip Ronzone!

>I'd recommend AGAINST using switches. The unfortunate, and frustrating
>reality is the many Ethernet NICS do NOT work well with switches when the
>NIC is set to something OTHER than autonegotiation (like, set to
>100BASE/half-duplex). Intel has acknowledged that they can replicate this
>problem and so far, have some rational hypothesis for why it happens.

Please, You think is possible to make eepro100 NIC driver forced to

-----8<-------FROM: http://www.scyld.com/network/eepro100.html -----8<----
In most cases no transceiver override option need be set. A notable
exception is when connecting to a older ethernet switch that operates in
full-duplex mode but does not do NWay autonegotation. The driver options
flags are recognized:

 Hex   Decimal  Meaning
 0x10  16	Force Full-Duplex operation (must be used with 0x20 or 0x40)
 0x20  32	Force 100mbps-only operation
 0x40  64	Force 10mbps-only

-----8<-------FROM: http://www.scyld.com/network/eepro100.html -----8<----

Where are the 100MB/Half-Duplex option?
I Like to test this option, to disable the autonegotation, and test if the
problem are mix
Linux drivers with inexpensive hardware (hubs & NICs).

>These problems do NOT occur with hubs.

I repeat: This problem are with DIFFERENT NICs and inexpensive hubs!
Purchase new
hardware are a possibility that I have all time, but think: The same
hardware work
good in Windows... need Linux to are minus?