[eepro100] Does eepro100 support Load Balancing Feature forIntel PRO/100 fa mily under LINUX OS?

Peter Franck vic@ibas-labs.de
Fri, 21 Jul 2000 17:29:12 +0200

Thank you, Donald, for your explanation.
However, my question was much more "user" level:
How can I switch on channel bonding in my Linux Server?


Donald Becker wrote:
> The way channel bonding works is by copying the master station address to
> the slaves, and distributing transmit packets.  Transmit packets are queued
> to the interfaces in a round-robin fashion.  If one of the driver Tx queues
> fills, it is dropped out of the round-robin sequence.
> We've used channel bonding since 1994, and the scheme has remained almost
> unchanged since then.  There was some prior work (on other OSes) with
> bonding at the IP level, and even one NFS-specific approach at the UDP
> level.  Ron Minnich probably remembers that one...