Problem uploading data to a linux host with eepro100+

Mon Jan 24 03:02:12 2000

Hello i'm a newcomer to this list, i don't know what has been said earlier,
and so on, and so on.
But if i'm making a fool out of my self, i'm sure you all will tell me :)

I have a (GNU/)Linux system that is running kernels 2.2.13,2.2.14 and
sometimes 2.3.40.
The problem seems to be _uploading_ to the host.
I get about 8 kb/s on a 100mbit net (!) at first, then it slowly climbs up
to about 30-40 kb/s.
I have tried to use the debug=3 module option, changed between the three
kernels, changed ethernet card to an excactly same model/brand (bought 5 of
them together), and i've not seen any messages of any kind, i just get that
lousy rate.
Yes, i've switched cables, but with no success....
When i download from the host i get more speed (~300kb/s) but that still

Has ANYONE seen this kinda behaviour, and most important -does anyonw know
what i can try/patch to get things spinning?
Please recommend me stuff to try/do!

/magnus näslund...

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