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Chris Zwilling
Thu Jan 13 10:50:09 2000

On Thu, 13 Jan 2000, Stauffer, Walter (Exchange) wrote:

> Am I the only person on earth having the following problem with
> i82558B NIC's ?
>  - put a box on the net which waits for requests (i.e. a server)
>  - send a request (connect to FTP, WWW, even Ping)
> -> 50% of the NIC's stop responding after some time !

We have a router with Intel i82555s - so I don't know how much this will
apply to the conversation.  When the driver inits the card, I do see the
warning: "Receiver lock-up bug exists -- enabling work-around."  That
hasn't seem to have been a problem yet...

The big problem that I did have with these cards is that they did not
auto-negotiate correctly with the 3Com switch that I am using.  One of the
ports on the switch was set to 100Mib HD, the Intel was trying to speak at
100Mib FD.  So I would see dropped packets and poor performance.  Once I
set up the 3Com switch to auto-negotiatie, everything went back to normal.


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