eepro+netgead fe 104

Sean Head
Wed Jan 12 12:16:48 2000

Here's my problem,

I have a eepro card in my rh 6.1 system
all the drivers are loaded corectaly i belive
(theres no errors in dmesg) and i have TCP/IP
set up with all the right ips, but, i can't ping any thing
the odd thing about this is that if I look at ifconfig
after i'v pinged any thing, it lists rx overruns.
Is this a incompatability issue with the eepro and
my system (only a p66) is the card to fast for the
prosseser? or a compatability prob. with my hub
a netgear fe 104, if heard that some times intel cards
can have problems with some hubs and switches.
and yes i have tryed forcing fd and 100BT all my
system does is lock up during the boot sequence.
and with this new way rh 6.1 shows it's boot info
i can't see what it's doing to freeze up.

Thanks in advance

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