Kernel 2.3.36 + eepro100 v v1.09l on IBM Netfinity 3k
Sun Jan 9 04:45:54 2000

> Someone suggested trying out eepro100 v1.09t.  I did that, and all my
> transmitter resets went away.  You may want to give it a shot.

Located, went
to give that a go in 3.38 but it was a no-go. Two problems that I could
see, #include <asm/spinlock.h>, which was an easy fix to linux/, but

pciaddr = pdev->base_address[(pci_flags >> 4) & 7];

Complains that the struct entry didn't exist. I checked out previous ports
that I or others had done, and 

pciaddr = pdev->resource[(pci_flags >> 4) & 7].start;

Was the best I could come up with, but I haven't the faintest idea whether
this'll be correct. I'd like to get this driver going under .38 (need
netfilter) so if anyone could lend a hand it'd be appreciated.


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