Problem with hang-up on the Intel card

Tue Feb 29 17:09:34 2000

I'm currently modifying Donald's driver to play with my own buffer
management - basically, the skbuff objects have been replaced by private
structures also known, by memory mapping, at the user level.

As in the original driver, my private structures are linked to the RxFD
rx_ringp in the speedo_private data structure.  In my software, the
receiver structures are statically allocated.  That means that in some
situations, I may have the rx_ringp structures empty with no more RxFD
descriptors available for the NIC.  In this case however, the driver try
to restart the receiver with the RxResumeNoResources and RxStart
commands.  But this is is unsuccessful ... Do you have any hints ?

Kind regards,

Dr Alain H. Ninane - University of Louvain - Nuclear Physics Department
Ch. du cyclotron, 2 - 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve - BELGIUM - +32-10-47.32.73
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