Compile question - Kernel 2.0.36 and Andrey V. Savochkin's driver

Jeff Garzik
Mon Feb 28 03:35:50 2000

Todd Williams wrote:
> I used the suggested gcc compile command at the bottom of the file from
> Becker/Andrey's driver, and received two errors:
> eepro100.c:106: asm/spinlock.h: No such file or directory
> eepro100.c:362: #error Unsupported byteorder
> I must be missing something...  Where can I find spinlock.h for this old
> Kernel revision, if it's even available?
> Will this driver compile and/or run with Kernel 2.0.36?  (Redhat 5.2)  Has
> anyone had any luck?

2.0 SMP was all big kernel lock.

It will probably take some work to get the driver going on 2.0.x.  For
spinlocks, here is a cookbook for changing the code:

* delete all spinlock-related includes

* replace "spin_lock_irqsave(...)" with

	save_flags(flags); cli();

* replace "spin_lock_irqrestore(...)" with


* delete all spin_lock, spin_unlock

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