Problems with etherexpress pro 100...

Tue Feb 22 01:32:01 2000

Andrey's version works great for me.  Haven't had a single timeout since
putting it into my kernel.


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Since Becker's latest version of the driver does not appear to be properly
controlling these Intel cards, and I haven't heard or seen anything
significant out of him in a while on these issues, I wonder if he either
hasn't had time to look at the problems, or has given up.  There are
obviously still several problems with this driver and the Intel Pro100
series cards, and the CESDIS eepro100 web site is out of date to boot.  The
revisions section of the web site has not been updated since October of
1998.  I don't have the knowledge required to do much in the line of code
modifications, so I guess I shouldn't complain.  Regardless, it doesn't make
the problems go away.  Could we petition Intel to write a freely available
Linux based driver for their cards?  Would they do it?  Who knows...

I, like others, am looking for a solution.  I'm guessing I am along with
most everyone else who has subscribed to this list.

(While not meaning to disrespect Peter Arien in any way, I would like to ask
this question...)

Has anyone else tried or had any success with the revisions made by Andrey
V. Savochkin listed in the URL below?  I would be curious to find out if it
has helped in more than one or two circumstances.

Just tired of seeing "Transmit timed out" errors, TIA,

Todd Williams
Network Administrator
Twenty First Century Communications

>> Daniel Menzel wrote:
>> > > sorry to abuse you, but maybe you could help me figuring out where
>> > > later described problems could lie.

>> I had the same problem. Here's the answer I got from Andrey V. Savochkin:

>> >Transmit timeouts because of an inaccurate transmit ring management
>> >is a known problem for eepro100 driver.
>> >Aliases may only trigger it, or may be unrelated to the timeouts at all.
>> >You may try the driver from
>> >

>> I compiled the new eepro100 module, installed it and had no problems

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