DMA and cache coherency ???

Jim DiFronzo
Fri Feb 11 10:25:55 2000

You probably already know this, but the 82559ER also has a different PCI
device ID.  You'll need to edit PCI.h and the eepro100.c code to reference
it.  The new device ID is 0x1209, rather than the 0x1229 of the 82557-9

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Sent: Thursday, February 10, 2000 11:27 PM
Subject: DMA and cache coherency ???

>  We are trying to get the 82559ER Linux driver working
>  on our non-x86 embedded system. How is the issue of
>  cache coherency handled ? I did not see anything in
>  the driver to address this. Since the 82559 will
>  DMA data directly to memory, one needs to invalidate
>  the cache lines associated with the memory buffers
>  used by the 82559 correct ???
> Thanks,
>   Stuart

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