82559ER support

Francois Guimond Francois.Guimond@Matrox.COM
Fri Feb 4 11:46:37 2000


We have made some modifications to eepro100.c to support the 82559ER
The only modifications we made where adding PCI config device ID 0x1209.

First look it worked, but this code is NOT VALIDATED.
Since the 82559ER is s strip down of the 82559 it should worl proprely.
( ER has no power management and no modem support)

Here is the diff result between eepro100.c and the new file:

>  { "Intel 82559ER Fast Ethernet PCI Controller",
>    { 0x12098086, 0xffffffff,}, SPEEDO_IOTYPE, SPEEDO_SIZE,
>    0, speedo_found1 },
>  { "Intel 82559ER Fast Ethernet PCI Controller",
>    0x8086, 0x1209, 0xffff, PCI_USES_IO|PCI_USES_MASTER, 32,
speedo_found1 },
>         pci_index, &pci_bus,
>         &pci_device_fn))
>    if (pcibios_find_device(PCI_VENDOR_ID_INTEL,
>         0x1209, /* Intel 82559ER Fast Ethernet PCI Controller */

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