[eepro100] i82559 w/o EPROM.

Bjorn Eriksson mdeans@algonet.se
Thu, 7 Dec 2000 18:15:59 +0100

> >  I'm trying to get the eepro100.c driver running on my embedded
> > board. This board has been designed without any non-volatile
> > memory. Now, what shall I do 'bout the MAC adress? Any chance
> > this will ever work without a serial EPROM?

> You will have to either add the EEPROM to your design, or modify
> the driver to hard-wire the transceiver and station address information.

 I figured I'd look around some first before I hard-wire them adresses this
my self. Has anyone brought this up on the list before? [I've downloaded and
searched the archives w/o success.]

 I'm a bit surprised to learn there are two addresses associated with each

> You lose some of the i82559 features, such as wake-on-LAN, when
> you omit the EEPROM.

 Not a problem. [Famous last words? :-)]

 Note: The comments in the source file suggested to me that only I/O access
is supported (which is fine with me) but I had to #defined USE_IO_OPS to get
that behaviour.