[eepro100] Problems with eepro100, RH6.2, Asus MES-N NLX

Achim Friedland achim.friedland@in.stud.tu-ilmenau.de
Tue, 05 Dec 2000 00:35:53 +0100

I have several problems with the eepro100.o driver of 2.2.15 and
I have a P166/32 MB on a GA 586ATE/P Rev.4D, an old ISA Graphics-
Adapter all serial and parallel ports are deactivated in bios...
When I boot linux the intel card seem to be loaded normal using IRQ
3, but when I try to set the interface via 'ifconfig eth0
xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx up' up the wohle pc hangs...
I have read about some IRQ problems with this card but because of
deactivating most inegrated periphierals I can't imagine why the
pc hangs...
eepro100-diag shows not much... only that the card doesn't seem to
be loaded...



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