[eepro100] Re: Transmitter Timeout -- addednum -- It worked!!

chris chris@soma.978.org
Tue, 01 Aug 2000 14:15:42 -0700

Thank You Doanld!!

The v1.10 driver worked -- no more TX timeouts!!

I guess I got so caught up in trying to get v1.09 working that I did not
RTFM for v1.10. . .thank you!

BTW this driver/card combo is VERY fast. . .I clocked approx 76Mbit/s on
three ports simultaneously (that's near 100% efficiency considering the
20% overhead involved in TCP)!

As a comparison the maximum throughput I could get in Alpha NT with the
same hardware set-up was 24Mbit. . . .

The driver (wether it be pci-scan or v1.10) does have a few bugs on the
alpha, though, which you may want to investigare later (and if I can
help please let me know):

* When I insmod eepro100.o it seg faults.
	Looking  at /var/log/messages and the source it seems like it happens
right after speedo_found() completes on the  last 	card.
* When I do an ifconfig it also seg faults, but it takes the options I
pass OK.
	For instance, if I do an ifconfig eth0 netmask, eth0 takes the configuration, but it seg            
faults.  Also, if I do an ifconfig or ifconfig -a, it prints nothing and
seg faults.  Not really a big problem right           now because the
cards configure fine.

I'll try to track down the exact line that it's seg faulting on and send
the info to you. . . .

Thank you again for your help!!