[eepro100] Transmitter Timeout -- addednum

Kallol Biswas kallol@bugula.fpk.hp.com
Tue, 01 Aug 2000 13:15:34 EDT

> > the resume the card executes the old cmd word and stalls. We would
> > not have this problem if all the cmd words in the ring were only
> > TX commands, as a prefetched command would always be a TX cmd.

You could have two rings, one for Tx cmds another for non-tx cmds,
what I am trying to say is prefetching of a NOP does not cause any
harm, it wastes a few cpu cycles, I have logged the command
q length for my driver and found that a NOP would be executed after
33 Tx commands on the average under heavy load condition.

If I have free time I will definitely
do experiment with your driver and try to fix it as I have done to mine
for hp-ux.
My driver's design was exactly like yours but I had to change it.

BTW, how frequently do you send the multicast workaround for receiver lockup
bug? If the receiver is idle for two seconds and you have rx_bug set, right?

> This is obviously unreasonable.  If this were the case, all next commands
> would have to be Tx commands.  The driver could transmit