8 (!) interfaces with 1 card :)))

bella bella@pci.poltava.ua
Sat Oct 30 14:01:51 1999

	I reading this mailing list and upgraded driver for my Intel
EtherExpress100+ to 1.09t. Now I have eight (8) interfaces from eth0 to
eth7 and only one card. ROFL :))))
	Yes, seven from ifaces is down, but why me need this? :) I
compiled driver with kernal 2.2.13. I boot with new driver only one time,
and don't know - this is a kernel bug or driver.
	I'm use Slack with:
kernal - 2.2.13
glibc - 2.1.2
gcc - egcs 1.1.2
eepro100.c - v1.09t
	In /etc/rc.inet1 ifconfig scribed only one time. :))