Poor network performance - Strange ping behaviour

Stephen Carr sgcarr@civeng.adelaide.edu.au
Thu Oct 28 20:36:26 1999

After haven no trouble with installing EtherExpress Pro/100 cards 
on a UP system I replaced an old Ne2000 card with an 
EtherExpress Pro/100 on an SMP box (2 cpus). I have installed 
2.2.13 kernel and version 1.09 of the eepro100 driver.

The problem is the SMP box will accept pings and even flood pings 
from an external host but if I ping from the SMP host to an external 
host I get 98 % packet loss. The first packet is ok then very slowly 
some other packets get a reply.  

I have scanned the mail archive but could not find a quick answer - 
I need to get this server up soon so a may have to revert to the old 
card (10 mbs half duplex)

Thanks in advance
Stephen Carr

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