Delaying eth0 initialization

Matthew Kea
Wed Oct 27 18:52:39 1999

> Has the interface been activated?

The card is set to activate during boot, however when it boots up it gets to
'Bringing up interface eth0' and it sits there for almost a minute.  Then it
finally comes up with the following message:
' Determining IP information for eth0 ... operation failed '

The system is set to use DHCP for determining IP information.  I have a
friend next door running Linux with an ISA network card with the same cable
modem provider who is running just with the same configuration except a
different the different Ethernet card.

I don't think the interface actually gets activated because of the error

>What is the detection message?

As for the detection message I am not sure what you mean.  However during
installation RH6 detected an Ethernet Express 100.  It did not say anything
more than that.

Feel free to ask me any other questions that you have.

Thanks again,