Monkey boy needs help! Transmit timed out:...

Daniel Senie
Sat Oct 23 17:30:00 1999

Gisli Ottarsson wrote:
> Please help me solve my eepro100 problem which I outline below.
> Hardware:
>  Doorstop 486 PCI, Intel Saturn motherboard, 16Mb RAM :-(
>  Intel 82557 EtherExpressPro100B
> Kernel:
>  Linux 2.2.13 stripped to the bare essentials.  No module support.
>  Compiled with gcc version 2.95.1
> Driver versions tested:
>   eepro100.c:v1.09l 8/7/99  (latest?)
>   eepro100.c:v1.06 10/16/98 (standard with 2.2.13)
>   eepro100.c:v1.05 10/16/98 (used below)
>   The frequently repeated suggestion to set the value of
>   multicast_filter_limit to 0 or 3 was tried (by editing eepro100.c)
>   but this did not affect my problem.

That parameter doesn't affect the transmit timeout. It affects ethernet
storms which eminate from the card when the card is used for multicast
in certain situations.

[other stuff deleted]

What you don't say anywhere is what version of the eepro100 driver
you're using. Since you've built this kernel, go to the source of the
driver and give that info. There've been reports of a recent driver
version having an effect on the transmit timeout problem, I think. (I
haven't had the transmit timeout problem, only the multicast storm
problem myself. Post the info to the list, and perhaps someone who's
been tracking the transmit timeout problem will be able to help).

Daniel Senie                              
Amaranth Networks Inc.